FREE DIABETES Guides: Checklist + Glycemic Index Book + Motivational quotes & Proverbs!

What’s in the diabetes healthy living starter pack?

We have a simple and easy to use 2-page check list that will tell you some of the best foods to buy if you're a person with diabetes. Besides that, we also provide a free book on what to watch for with your glycemic index, inspiring proverbs, and motivational quotes to keep you going when you're feeling low.

Foods To Eat & Avoid
Healthy Snack Options
Vegetarian Options
What to look for with your Glycemic Index
And Lots of other stuff

This report is for anyone who has Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes and wants an easy to use checklist which they can print out and bring with them, so that they know well in advance which foods are "safe".

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