Top 10 Diabetes Carrying Cases -

Top 10 Diabetes Carrying Cases

When you’re diagnosed with diabetes, you don’t realize how much STUFF you have to always carry with you wherever you go. The items only multiple as time goes on and more treatment methods are added, etc. So where are you supposed to keep everything from your meter, to extra test strips, emergency medications and more?

For women, you can opt to keep everything in your purse, but most often this can become disorganized and only creates additional frustration when you have to find everything in a pinch. In this guide we’re going to take a look at some of the best diabetes carrying cases on the market for those with all types of diabetes and of any age.

If you haven’t found a case yet, then this guide can help start you on your journey of purchasing the right one. Or if it’s time to update your case, you may find one that suits your needs. I know with my kids with Type 1 diabetes, in the beginning I would have to purchase a new case every few months because of the wear and tear from carrying them virtually 24/7 no matter where we go. That was before I knew which were some of the best ones that not only provide you with somewhere to nicely keep all supplies organized but are durable enough to withstand frequent use. Here are some of my all-time favorites.

1. Medicool Dia-Pak

The Medicool Dia-Pak allows you to conveniently keep all your supplies in one organized place. What’s nice about this diabetes carrying case is it comes with a freezable ice pack that allows you to keep your insulin or other supplies cool when traveling. Keeping everything together in one bag without bulkiness can be tricky, especially when it comes to making sure you have all the supplies you may need.

The Medicool Dia-Pak folds up nicely to fit into a purse, travel bag, suitcase, or even carried separately. There’s even an option to attach the case to your belt directly. Padded pockets help to keep all important devices such as your meter, receiver or others safe and secure.

You can order yours on Amazon.

2. Myabetic Banting Diabetes Supply Case

Myabetic has surely made a name for itself in the diabetes case industry. They offer a ton of unique and stylish cases that don’t look like your traditional diabetes supply bags. Each case is large enough to hold all of your essential supplies while still making sure you stay organized and stylish.

Inside the Banting bag for example there are three elastics, a Velcro pocket, a removable waste pouch and a mesh pocket that zippers. The removable waste pouch is great for used test strips and lancets when you are on the go and have no access to a proper disposable system.

You can order it for best price on Amazon.

3. Goldwheat Portable Insulin Cooler Bag Organizer Travel Pack

It can be tough to find a useful way of keeping your insulin cool when you are away from home. The Goldwheat Portable Insulin cooler bag uses high quality tin foil to provide good insulation for your insulin which insures it stays cool when you do not have access to proper refrigeration. Its small size makes it more convenient to carry.

The 2 included ice packs must be placed in the refrigerator for more than 12 hours before using the carry bag. It can be used with both insulin pens and vials.

4. Duragadget Rigid Insulin Shell Storage and Travel Case

A high quality black EA case provides a durable way of transporting medical supplies. A soft felt lining helps to make sure the contents are protected while the durable outer shell provides the most maximum protection for all inside supplies. A netting storage compartment and included belt clip can provide a more convenient way of transporting your supplies. An elastic inside Velcro strap can provide extra security.

5. Diabetes Organizer for Glucose Tablets and Other Supplies

This diabetes organizer was designed for those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It fits all blood glucose meters are the market by ensuring they are secured in a bag using 3M Velcro straps. There are many mesh pockets and even elastic loops that are created to provide storage for test strips, glucose meters and insulin vials. An attached interior loop was designed to hold glucose tablets.

6. Leather Diabetes Supply Case from BeticBag

This highly constructed leather case provides enough room for all supplies including insulin vials and pens. There is even additional room for credit and debit cards so that you only have to carry one wallet. An oblong shaped pocket helps to provide a place to store cash and an attached wrist strap can help you to keep your case secure in place while you carry it. It can also be tucked away inside to be out of the way. The case holds 2 insulin vials, a blood glucose meter, lancing device up to 10 syringes and other supplies.

7. Sugar Medical Ryan Mini Meter Diabetes Bag

This is a great compact bag for anyone but particularly for teens and young adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. You can fit all current glucose meters that are on the market by keeping them secure using a 3M Velcro strip. Inside mesh interior pockets hold supplies such as medications, lancets and alcohol swabs. Elastic loops help to keep test strips and lancing devices secure. The bag is a small but versatile solution to holding your diabetes supplies while on the go.

8. Love Bug Diabetes Supply Case by Myabetic

The Love Bug bag makes a great case for young girls with diabetes. It allows them to have a cute and stylish case to carry all essential supplies such as lancet needs, test strips, blood glucose meter, insulin pens, infusion sets, lancing devices, syringes and even a pouch that zippers for used test strips and lancets. Interior oval shaped pockets can be removed to make more space.

9. Dittibag Diabetes Supply Case

Exterior pockets with Velcro attached help to hold alcohol wipes and other smaller diabetic supplies. Inside elastic bands secure a blood glucose meter a drum of test strips and even a lancing device. The Dittibag makes a great bag for shorter trips and weekend stays for those on the go. It works as a carry all diabetic travel bag for all necessary supplies.

10. Indoor/ Outdoor Sling Bag

The sling bag isn’t necessarily a diabetes supply bag but it makes a wonderful solution for keeping all items properly together. It provides multiple storage compartments. There are two larger compartments with zippers and smaller inside pouches. Each zipper on the bag has a plastic pull on it so it can be easily gripped. The larger zipper compartment can even old a bottle or tablet.


Keeping all your diabetes supplies together and organized at home is difficult enough due to the sheer quantity of supplies you need. But trying to put everything you need away from home together in one place can be even trickier. Having a supply case that offers you plenty of solutions such as secure zippered pouches, places to put used strips and lancets, and even insulated or cooled pouches for insulin can help to provide you with a secure and convenient place to keep all of your supplies with you while on the go. The above cases offer a variety of options so that you can ensure you always have the supplies you need to help manage your diabetes even when you are away from home.

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