Contour Next ONE Meter Review -

Contour Next ONE Meter Review

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Sometimes everything that comes along with having diabetes can be challenging. From keeping a record of your numbers and learning how to understand how certain daily activities can affect those numbers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a device that can allow you to discover more about your diabetes, while putting this information conveniently on your phone?

Common Diabetes Management Challenges

Let’s face it, managing diabetes is no walk in the park. It can be challenging and difficult at times. But trying to find some normalcy in this life, an easier way of managing everything that comes along with having diabetes.

Do you have some of these common diabetes challenges?

Smart Diabetes Management

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Let’s face it, you can pretty much have virtually everything in the palm of your hand… Your phone. So it only makes sense to include diabetes management into this mix. By using smart technology integration with blood glucose data, this blood glucose management system allows you to utilize the Contour Diabetes app to help simplify your diabetes management.

The blood glucose levels which are recorded throughout your day are synced into the system. This valuable information helps you to learn patterns and trends that you may not have otherwise noticed.

So what’s so special about the Contour Next One Meter?

Let’s take a look….

Superior Accuracy: When put to the test the Contour Next One meter exceeded the standard deviants of accuracy established by the FDA. This helps to provide even closer accuracy to that of laboratory results.

The smartLIGHT: The smartLIGHT feature allows you to know instantly if your BG is within your target range, above or below your target with three colored lights. Yellow: Above Target, Green: In Target, Red: Below Target.

Second-Chance Sample: One thing that usually frustrates most people is when the meter reads that there wasn’t enough blood. You get the opportunity instead to reapply even more blood onto the test strip if you did not get enough the first time. This can help to avoid the need for repeat testing.

Event Readings: Record various events like activities, medication or diet information. You can also add in photos, voice memos and even notes so that you can gain a full picture of why your numbers might not be where you want them to be.

Emergency Contact: One of the best features of the Contour Next One meter is its ability to contact someone in case your blood glucose drops too low. Not only does it give you the option to call someone but if also offers a suggestion on how to treat the current low so that it comes back up. The treatment suggestion is to consume (4) glucose tablets and half a glass of juice.

Another nice feature is that when you recheck your blood glucose after the previous low, if you are not yet within a ‘safe’ or target range number you will receive an alert message on your app that says if your blood sugar is improving yet, or if it still is considered to be critically low. You then receive the option to set a reminder test.

The critically low and reminder feature is like having a friend right there to help you work through a low blood glucose until it’s at a safer level.

Contour Diabetes App Features

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The Contour Next One meter is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) connectivity which allows you to connect wirelessly to smart devices. This allows you to utilize the additional features of the Contour Diabetes app on your smartphone or mobile device.

smartALERTS: You can establish your target range and your smartALERTS will let you know when your blood glucose has hit a level that is too high or one that is too low.

Report Share: Share your blood glucose reports easily with your diabetes care team. The benefit of this feature is you don’t have to wait for your next appointment to do so. If you notice trends and think things need adjusted, you can share this important data with them immediately so that they can take a look and determine if anything needs changed.

Contour Cloud Account

When you first open up the Contour Diabetes app you will be asked to create a Contour Cloud account. This will help to make sure your important data is always kept safe and backed up. Having a Contour Cloud account will also allow you to access your data from any compatible device.

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Final Thought

If you are looking for a way to more effectively manage your diabetes, the Contour Next One meter might be just the one thing you need. Having the ability to connect all your important data to the mobile app on your phone makes it even easier to share this data with your diabetes care team.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve always had about some of the meters we used is the number of strips that we end up wasting due to frequent errors. The second chance sampling of this meter is a wonderful feature that will help save on your monthly diabetes costs.

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